Meal Replacement Shakes vs Smoothies

Smoothies or juice diets are often thought of as a really healthy way to lose weight. Think of all that fruit and veg that you’re packing in, right?  But how good for you are they really, and how do they compare to using meal replacement shakes for weight loss?

If you aren’t diligent about getting your full servings of fruit and vegetables daily, a well-blended smoothie or juice may seem like a great way to fit them into your diet.  After all, we can combine everything from apples, beets and carrots to kale and a variety of berries and other vegetables. We can even possibly get all 5 servings in one healthy and tasty drink. So how could this not be the perfect answer to dieting and being healthy all at the same time?

There are a few reasons you might not want to make this option your primary way.

*First of all, juicing often result in the lost fiber and goodness that you would get if you ate these individually. Therefore some experts recommend that smoothies and juices only be counted as 1 of your portion of your fruit & vegetable serving per day, for this very reason. So… drinking your fruits and vegetables just isn’t as good for you as eating them!

*Secondly, smoothies and juices in particular, are also incredibly high in sugars.  Despite the source being from the natural fruit, so not as bad for you as the processed white stuff you spoon into your tea and coffee, your daily amount should still be monitored. Its simple structure, in particular, is reason why sugars aren’t a great choice when you are dieting. Also, their rate and ease of processing by your body is another reason.

Research have found that drinking a juice or smoothie, especially the all fruit ones,  often result in a “sugar rush”, causing your insulin levels to spike and then resulting in an energy slump.  As a result, you then crave more sugary foods in order to feel better again which turns into a vicious cycle of  snacking on more sweets and other unhealthy foods, in a quest to keep feeling that ‘happy high’.

*Compare this to Meal-Replacement shakes that contain Whey protein, for example, then there is a huge difference. Whey protein is digested much more slowly by the body and therefore keep you feeling full much longer, thus stifling any cravings for the bad stuff. So a Meal-Replacement shake, makes sticking to your diet plan a bit easier.

Some smoothies may boast “a good source of vitamins and minerals”, but a well-developed Meal-Replacement shake….one developed by someone with the proper knowledge and understanding of health and weight-loss…, usually includes a wider variety of vitamins and minerals, including iron, folic acid and more, providing all the nutrients you need to help keep you feeling in tip-top condition whilst you’re dieting.

Of course, another benefit of Meal-Replacement shakes is their controlled calories per/serving portion. You may find that a typical Non Meal-Replacement shake, may contain a mere 200-250 calories. However, most experts suggest a minimum of 1200 calories per day regiment whilst dieting, for better metabolism function, and a healthier weight-loss and body.

One upside to this is you’re left with unused calories, so have some planned snacks in between your meals. This is a perfect opportunity to eat those fresh fruit and vegetables you would have put into your smoothie. –Only difference is now you’ll be getting the full benefits from them.  Pile on the blueberries or apples on some Greek yogurt, or crunch on some carrot sticks, broccoli or peppers dipped in low fat or any flavor hummus. Remember to add variation as it helps to keep things interesting plus allowing for a really healthy and balanced diet.

So just know that juices and smoothies can certainly play a part in your diet, however, if you’re looking for a healthier, more effective and sustainable weight loss plan you would be better off choosing a Meal-Replacement shake and filling up on healthy snacks of fresh fruit and vegetables.  Meal-Replacement shakes have been shown by a number of studies to assist with weight loss, when used to replace a maximum of 2 meals per day and as part of a calorie controlled diet. Do your research and make the right choices.



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