Working out with weights or resistance training often times scare some females of a
certain age out of getting started. This is especially true if you’re already experiencing signs of joint pain or discomfort that may be due to either osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. However,
this type of training offers numerous benefits to help manage arthritis pain.

  • Helps to keep joints moving which means they stay lubricated
  • Lubricate Joints means less pain with movement
  • Resistance training or weight bearing exercise build stronger muscles around the
    affected joints
  • Stronger muscles support bone, so as a result decreases bone loss
  • Better supported joints control swelling, which means less pain

Weightlifting may sound intimidating, but it need not be. With proper training and even
minimal equipment, results can be had following a 7 minutes a day/ 3 times a week workout

Having been diagnosed with RA over 15 years ago and dealing with all the common complaints thereof
and continuous complications, as a result, I am ‘a-work-in-progress’ proof!

I can personally testify to the results I’m already seeing. There have been setbacks, but the visible
benefits alone…after only 3months of following this routine are so encouraging!
Needless to say that it has only spurred me on to keep pushing forward with the NoW-Lifestyle
brand, 7/3/10 workouts, and the soon to come Now-body products, because I’m loving the leaner,
stronger me even more than before.

So don’t let fear hold you back. Set a goal to start incorporating some type of resistance training,
in your workouts. You definitely want to give 7/3/10 routine that’s part of the
NowLifestyle program a try! I’m telling you leaner and stronger means more confidence and A